Scheduled for a 9:40 pm start on May 22, 2024, at the Oakland Coliseum, the Colorado Rockies will go head-to-head with the Oakland Athletics under a clear sky. Austin Gomber will lead the pitching for the Rockies, holding a commendable ERA of 3.020, while Mitch Spence will take the mound for the Athletics, with an ERA of 3.900.\n\nIn the NL West Division, the Rockies are currently 14th with a record of 15 wins and 32 losses, equating to a .320 winning percentage. They hold the 5th spot in their division with an 8-12 record against divisional opponents and have won 6 of their last 10 games, despite being on a four-game losing streak. On the road, their record is 6-20.\n\nTurning to the AL West, the Athletics stand 13th with a 20-30 record and a .400 winning percentage. They are 4th in their division, with a poor record of 4-10 in divisional games. However, they currently look to build on a small winning streak of one game. At home, they have an 11-13 record, while their road games record stands at 9-17.\n\nConsidering the betting odds, the game is poised with some intriguing numbers. The point spread is set at -1.5, favoring the Athletics, with an Over/Under of 8.0. For those betting on the outright winner, the Rockies stand at +110, suggesting a slight underdog status, whereas the Athletics are favored at -130. These odds indicate a close competition, with the Athletics slightly tipped for the win, potentially making for a tight and engaging matchup.